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  • Psychology education

The education for psychologists in Lithuania follows the format of 3,5-4 years BA + 2 years MA.

Recognition of university education programmes as meeting EuroPsy requirements is undertaken in cooperation with the Lithuanian National Awarding Committee (NAC).

Lithuanian Ministry of Education legislated the training of psychologists based on a EuroPsy model (27 August 2015, Decree No. V-923). In Paragraph 2 of this document is explicitly stated that training of psychologists must comply with the EuroPsy standards. This document is the official document used for the accreditation of the Psychology training programs at the Universities since 2015. The structure of Bachelor and Masters programs are identical to the EuroPsy regulations.

  • Programmes that meet EuroPsy requirements:

Recognised programmes exist at 4 universities. These programmes meet the EuroPsy requirements and are listed below:

Name of University City MA/MSc Degree Programmes
Klaipeda University Klaipeda
MA Educational psychology
Lithuanian University of Educational sciences Vilnius
MA Educational psychology
Mykolas Romeris University Vilnius
MA Business Psychology 
MA Law psychology 
Vilnius University Vilnius
MA Clinical psychology
MA Educational psychology
MA Health psychology 
MA Law psychology
MA Organizational psychology
Vytautas Magnus University Kaunas
 MA Educational psychology 
MA Health psychology
MA Organizational psychology
  • Supervised practice arrangements (for the EuroPsy Certificate)

There are no arrangements for supervised practice in Lithuania yet. Some steps in collaboration with Lithuanian universities are being taken in order to establish the unified system, that would be applied for all psychology students in the Country. However, there is a reorganisation of all universities currently in progress and the arrangements cannot be implemented before some clarity is established (the Ministry of Education and Science is planning to merge some universities with others and at the moment none of the universities know the outcome).

In addition, there have been some steps taken regarding the law to licence psychologists. The EuroPsy is taken as a basis in the current version of this law. However, it is still in the phase of debate. The Lithuanian Psychologists Association (LPA) and the NAC are working closely with the Parliament in order to progress things further. When this law is legislated, our plan for supervised practice will be employed.
There is no organised training program in the country. For most supervisors it is not known which criteria they meet, or if it is known they do not meet EuroPsy training requirements.

  • Recognition of Title

The title Psychologist is a legally recognized and protected title for some areas of practice. Psychologists working in the medical health system have their licencing organised by the Ministry of Health.

  • Licence to Practice

There is a license or entry in a register needed for practising in some areas of practice. Psychologists working in the medical health system have their licencing organised by the Ministry of Health.

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

LPA organizes trainings and meetings, that meet EuroPsy CPD criteria. These meetings and trainings are marked with EuroPsy batch, so that EuroPsy psychologists know, that it will count as CPD, when they will apply for EuroPsy revalidation.