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  • Psychology Education

To become a Psychologist in Sweden you must have a five year education, both practical and theoretical, in psychology. After this you will need one year of supervised practice to work as a licensed psychologist in health care. If you have received education in psychology from a country outside of Sweden and wish to apply for a Swedish licence as a psychologist, one year of supervised practice is still mandatory.

The following university programmes meet EuroPsy requirements:

There are eleven universities in Sweden offering a complete psychology education up to a masters level. 

  • Supervised Practice arrangements (for the EuroPsy certificate)


  • Training of supervisors


  • Recognition of title

The title of “psychologist” is legally recognised and protected, to obtain this title one must receive a licence from the National Board of Health and Welfare NBHW

  • License to practice

After five years of education there is a one-year obligatory supervised practice before you can be licensed by the (NBHW).

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

There are no official arrangements for CPD. However, the Swedish Psychological Associations General Assembly has assigned the board of the association the mission of starting a program for CPD with start January 2018