May 25, 2018 EuroPsy workshop: Designing and running supervisor training courses: best practice recommendations

This workshop, initiated by EuroPsy EAC chair Dr. Rosaleen McElvaney, has been facilitated by Dr. Aisling McMahon from the Dublin City University DCU.

Workshop Facilitator Aisling McMahon and Rosaleen McElvaneySupervision has been described as psychology’s “signature pedagogy” (Goodyear, 2007, p. 273) and its “cornerstone of professional development” (Bernard & Goodyear, 2009, p.218).

However, it is only relatively recently that the practice of supervision has been understood to be a distinct professional competency, requiring dedicated training in its own right (Falender & Shafranske, 2004).

While knowledge is still developing about how best to train practitioners to be supervisors, at this point we have some valuable guidelines from specialist working groups and recent research in this area.

This workshop has shared current knowledge and recommendations from the literature regarding training supervisors, and offered a recommended outline of a supervisor training course from Aisling’s experience. Workshop Group picture

It gave participants an opportunity to experience some training exercises. In addition, there were opportunities throughout the day for participants to share and discuss their own experiences and plans in this area.