EuroPsy Register

1. Where do I find the EuroPsy register?

The register is to be found on the web at:

2. Can I trust the psychologists in the EuroPsy Register?

Yes. A strict procedure is followed in evaluating psychologists before they are awarded EuroPsy. Moreover, psychologists have to maintain their expertise and this is also verified.

3. Is EuroPsy up to date?

Yes, the EuroPsy Register is updated at least once a month.

4. What kinds of specialization are there in psychology?

The main areas of practice are: education, clinical & health, work & organisation; there is a broad fourth category for other areas (e.g. forensic, traffic psychology). There are specialist EuroPsy in Psychotherapy (since 2010) and Work & Organisational psychology (introduced in 2013).

5. How do I choose the right psychologist for my problem?

Check the EuroPsy Register on the website and look for the area of practice and for indications of specialized expertise.

6. Does EuroPsy only cover psychologists in health care?

No. EuroPsy covers all areas of professional psychology.

7. Does EuroPsy guarantee that psychologists keep their knowledge up to date?

Yes. Psychologists are required to spend a certain amount of time on continuing professional development and to maintain their competence by practice. Their record is evaluated when EuroPsy is renewed.

8. How can employers use EuroPsy?

Employers can use the EuroPsy Register to verify whether applicants have met the EuroPsy standards and to determine in which field of practice they are competent.