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  • Psychology education

Programs follow the format of:
4 years BA + 3 years MA (Specialist Model) or 4 years BA + 3 or 4 years Doctorate (Science Practitioner Model)
Recognition of university education programmes as meeting EuroPsy requirements.

  • Programmes that meet EuroPsy requirements

Graduates from the following post graduate programm at the universitie of Cyprus have individually applied for and met EuroPsy requirements. 

Name of University City MA/MSc Degree Programmes
University of Cyprus Nicosia MA in School Psychology
  • Supervised practice arrangements (for the EuroPsy Certificate)

The arrangements for the supervised practical training for those training within national borders are typically completed as part of the core, post-graduate curriculum prior to leaving the University. 
The specific arrangements for supervised practice are decided by the training program at each University to ensure that each psychologist reaches a level of independent practice for a set of specified competencies.

  • Arrangements for training of supervisors

Universities offering integrated courses where the supervised practice is arranged by the university 
as part of the course, also take the responsibility to provide training and support to supervisors 
in ways that increase the quality of the supervision services provided.

  • Recognition of title

The title “Professional Psychologist” is legally protected, more information here.

  • License to practise

The practice of psychology is legally regulated in Cyprus, more information here

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Each licensed/registered psychologist takes the responsibility for their own Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Multiple opportunities for CPD are typically offered within national borders via universities, institutions, associations etc.