EuroPsy project has strengthened significantly the profession of psychology in Europe

Interview with Prof. dr. Ype H. Poortinga (University Tilburg), leaving member of the EuroPsy European Awarding Committee.

Full interview in latest edition of EFPA NewsMag

Prof. Poortinga has been member of the EuroPsy European Awarding Committee since 2010 and was involved in the development of EuroPsy within the two projects from the Leonardo da Vinci programme of the European Union.- (2000)

We asked three questions to Prof. Poortinga:

1. What are the highlights from your time in the EAC?

2. What do you think EuroPsy has achieved in the past 8 years?

3. What hopes do you have for the future of EuroPsy in Europe?

Some quotes :

If psychology as a profession is societally meaningful, it is important that professionals rendering services are competent.

Requirements for continuous professional development (CPD) and the qualifications of training supervisors were not easily met in some countries..

One may hope that psychologists in Europe will remind themselves that 'united we stand, divided we fall'.


Please find the full text of the interview in EFPA NewsMagazine December 2018