Revalidation and CPD


The EuroPsy Certificate is valid for 7 years, after which the holder is required to apply for revalidation of the Certificate.


Article 5 of the EuroPsy Regulations states

For purposes of revalidation, the EuroPsy can be re-issued to all psychologists who

a)     are able to show evidence of maintenance of professional competence in the form of a specified number of hours of practice as a psychologist and continued education and professional development as indicated in Appendix VI;

b)    have submitted a pledge in writing to their National Awarding Committee that they subscribe to the principles of professional conduct set out in the MetaCode of Professional Ethics of EFPA and will conduct professional activities in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the national association of psychology in the country of practice.

The intention is that all EuroPsy psychologists should be able to maintain their competence and keep up to date with recent developments through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
There is a wide range of activities which psychologists undertake as part of their CPD.

These include: 

  • certified attendance and participation in accredited courses and/or workshops aimed at further professional development;
  • development of specific new skills through practice at work;
  • certified attendance in peer supervision meetings;
  • certified participation as a supervisor;
  • certified attendance at a professional or scientific conference;
  • authorship or co-authorship and/or editing of publications on research and/or professional issues; presentations to professional audiences;
  • editorial work on journals and books in psychology.

These activities are intended to support psychologists’ development of new skills and understanding and to foster the quality of professional practice. 

For revalidation of the EuroPsy Certificate, the psychologist needs to provide evidence of their CPD activities. Increasingly this is being organised through an on-line portfolio, often arranged by the local national psychologists association.